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vum Jason Kamfer


Den Ayabonga hat net d’Chance, fir kënnen an eng Schoul ze goen. Wéi hien trotzdem liesen a schreiwe léiert, erzielt iech dëst Buch.

Erzielungen an Zeechnungen: Jason Kamfer

Sproochen: Lëtzebuergesch an Afrikaans

48 Säiten, 30x22.5 cm, haard Deckelen

ISBN: 978-99959-0-093-9


Präis: 17,00 €


D’Buch kënnt dir bestellen um Site www.bonnievale.org, per Email info.bonnievale@gmail.com oder duerch Iwwerweisung vun 19 € (plus 3 € Versand) op de Kont „Bonnievale-Project asbl » CCPLLULL : LU33 1111 2139 5469 0000 mam Vermierk « Ayabonga, Numm an Adress » ...

oder am Holzhaischen zu Jonglënster, bei Jouets Dumong zu Ettelbréck, Weltbutték Ettelbréck, Dikkrech, Stad-Lëtzebuerg


News archive 2011

Christmas market Athénée de Luxembourg

Thank you to all the students and the staff of the Athénée de Luxembourg for their support during this year's Christmas market.


12ème of the Atert-Lycée makes the Bonnievale-Project to their OWN project

Not only the Athénée in Luxembourg has become a supporter of our projects. A 12ème of the Atert-Lycée in Redange has decided to follow the project during a year. They organised an Information stand with Kapula candles at the Pall Center Oberpallen at 27/11 (see picture), and the 13/12 at the Xmas market at the Atert-Lycée. Thank you to the students of the 12ème for their support !


Christmas market Ettelbruck

Pictures from a rainy but funny weekend in Ettelbruck.


Long time supporters of the Bonnievale-Project - Ostrich Farm Wildgen from Filsdorf and Schéiferei "An Dottësch" Weiler-la-Tour

During this year's the Bazar International in Luxembourg, the Ostrich Farm Wildgen from Filsdorf, together with the Schéiferei "AnDottësch" from Weiler-la-Tour, were giving a part of their income of the traditional open days at the Ostrich farm in Filsdorf to the Bonnievale projects. At the open day in may 2011, the "An Dottësch" Farm, specialist in milk products made from mutton milk, made some homemade vanilla ice-cream out oh ostrich eggs ... delicious !!! For more informations about both farms, have a look at :





Many THANKS to both for their support !!!


Bonnievale-Project at the Heerestmoart at Wiltz

Thanks to the invitation of the organizers of this year's Heerestmoart at Wiltz, Bonnievale-Project had the opportunity to present its work the visitors of the market. Despite the bad weather the market was a big success. Thanks to the organizers for the invitation.



Winetasting in Machtum

Our dear friend Claude Pundel from the winery Pundel-Hoffeld invited us to this years traditional winetasting in the streets of Moselle's Machtum. Nice weather, plenty of visitors ... what more could you expect! Thank you Claude for your invitation.


Fleamarket at Koerich

The Seniorentreff Koerich, who already organized a book market this year, was inviting to its Fleamarket. All the benefit of their markets is going to the children in Bonnievale. Thank you to the Seniorentreff for their help!


Donation Caves Pundel-Hoffeld

A brillant idea from Claude Pundel, the owner of the winery. He created a "Riesling Cuvée Bonnievale", 1€ of each sold bottle was going to the Bonnievale-Project. And the success was huge, Claude and his family were able to make a donation of 1.575€! Thank you to the Pundel Family for this fantastic idea ! 


Donation Communion Schieren

Children help children ... what more could you ask for! The Children of this years communion of Schieren decided to support their friends in Bonnievale and made a donation of 875€ to Bonnievale-Project. Their parents can be proud of them ... THANK YOU !!!


Nightmarket at Steinfort

Bonnievale-Project was at this years Nightmarket in Steinfort. Local shops were presenting its products until late at night, supported by an entertainment program. Thanks to Corinne Leyder who made this possible !


Ostrich Farm Wildgen at Filsdorf

Thank you to the Wildgen family for their support


Books and magazines in Koerich

A big THANK YOU to the Seniorentreff for the organization of a book market in Koerich. Benefit was going to the Bonnievale-Project. Look out for the flea market at july 20th at the same place (Festsaal Koerich in the center of Koerich).


Good news from William from Capetown :

"William is still weak but everything works well. He is speaking, eating and has started his rehabilitation. He will be transfered to the maxillo-facial surgery soon where he will be treated for his mandible."


"Fraen a Mammen" Rumelange - support for the Bonnievale-project since 2008. It's been for the fourth year in a row that Marc Hermes, secretary of the Bonnievale-Project Luxembourg, was invited to the general Meeting of the "Fraen a Mammen" at Rumelange. He explained the latest developments at the project and was pleased to receive a cheque of 700 €, a part of the yearly income of the "Fraen a Mammen" association. A big THANK YOU to everyone at the "Fraen a Mammen" Rumelange.


Get well soon William !

During the night from february 18th to 19th, William, the housekeeper of the kindergarden, was brutally attacked and severely wounded. William, who has been working on the project since the beginning, is now in Tygerberg Hospital in Capetown where he is treated bw specialists. Dr. Denis Allard from Luxembourg, an old school friend of Aly Zeimen, is looking after him as well.


The latest news from Tygerberg Hospital were quite optimistic, so that we all hope that Willilam will fully recover from his injuries. Of course this attack has been a shock for all the people, both in Bonnievale and Luxembourg.


We wish him all the best, and of course we will keep you updated with the latest medical statements. If you want to support William, you can do this by sending us an e-mail or leaving a message in our guestbook, we will transfer it to William.


We want to thank Dr.Denis Allard for his help and support.


A big THANK YOU to the Wildgen Ostrich Farm in Filsdorf

In may 2010, the Wildgen Ostrich Farm organized its annual OPEN DAY, which was, like usual, a huge success. The Wildgen family decided to donate the revenues of the wafer sales to the Bonnievale-project.

Article : www.mymosaik.lu