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vum Jason Kamfer


Den Ayabonga hat net d’Chance, fir kënnen an eng Schoul ze goen. Wéi hien trotzdem liesen a schreiwe léiert, erzielt iech dëst Buch.

Erzielungen an Zeechnungen: Jason Kamfer

Sproochen: Lëtzebuergesch an Afrikaans

48 Säiten, 30x22.5 cm, haard Deckelen

ISBN: 978-99959-0-093-9


Präis: 17,00 €


D’Buch kënnt dir bestellen um Site www.bonnievale.org, per Email info.bonnievale@gmail.com oder duerch Iwwerweisung vun 19 € (plus 3 € Versand) op de Kont „Bonnievale-Project asbl » CCPLLULL : LU33 1111 2139 5469 0000 mam Vermierk « Ayabonga, Numm an Adress » ...

oder am Holzhaischen zu Jonglënster, bei Jouets Dumong zu Ettelbréck, Weltbutték Ettelbréck, Dikkrech, Stad-Lëtzebuerg


The vision

The vision for Bonnie People is to assist the inhabitants of the settlement in building and developing sustainable components within their community, focusing on the future of the children.

Bonnie People strives to care for all the children of the settlement at all possible levels, whether it be food, daily care, schooling, clothing, transport, developing social skills, building self-esteem and trust or just simply feeling loved and cared for. To this purpose we have established a day care facility for children between the ages of 0-18 years.

We also reach out to the resident community and help where we can with issues regarding transport to clinics, financial assistance with materials for houses, the local soccer club and assistance with governing and management issues in the settlement (ablutions, water, taxes, ID documents, enrolling for school, etc.).

The needs will keep changing with new members filtering in and new challenges arising, but the overall aim is to assist this community in maintaining traditional values, dignity, humanity and faith in their fellow citizens as well as helping them develop the skills they need to optimise in their abilities as individuals in our society.

As such we have become the accepted and respected guardians of this community and whatever issues arise, they are always brought to our attention. From this platform of trust we wish to nurture a wholesome, sustainable future for individuals who seek our assistance.

As this informal settlement is nestled in a little valley geographically separated from Bonnievale, it lends itself perfectly to all levels of development of sustainability which the inhabitants will benefit from - small scale farming, entrepreneurship, vegetable growing, markets and even schooling should all be developed within this secluded community.
 In the short term we endeavour to :

  • expand the Nursery and Kindergarden
  • expand the Youth Activities incorporating more formal training
  • develop the food-growing project incorporating home gardens in the settlement
  • create adult skills training that can lead to entrepreneurship


In the longer term we wish to :

  • build a primary school that will teach children in their mother tongue
  • develop the settlement into an environmentally appropriate, sustainable community